Principal Investigator

Dr. Clarissa SitClar's portrait DSC_3839 (ed 2)
Assistant Professor
Saint Mary’s University

PDF at Harvard Medical School
PhD at University of Alberta

Clarissa Sit CV Feb 2018

Hometown: born in Edmonton, AB


– To train new scientists to be unique and innovative
– To help students find their dream job
– To discover interesting and useful biomolecules

Professional hobbies: science outreach!

Personal hobbies: squash, hiking, baking, knitting, origami, piano


Kaitlyn Blatt-Janmaat
NSERC USRA researcher and Chemistry Honours Student

Morgan Crosby
NSERC USRA and SMUworks Academic researcher

Julie Anne Dayrit
NSERC USRA and SMUworks Academic researcher

Jennifer Kolwich
NSERC USRA researcher

Lindsay Donovan
SMUworks Academic researcher

Taylor Lynk
Chemistry Honours Student (Co-Supervised with Dr. Christa Brosseau)

Joining on May 1, 2018

Brandon Logan
M.Sc. in Applied Sciences student

Prashansa Kooshna
Dean of Science Award undergraduate researcher

Ali Abidali
Undergraduate researcher

Kaleigh McLeod
Undergraduate researcher (Co-Supervised with Dr. Christa Brosseau)